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Sailing with Dolphins

Tuesday we left Skiros by 8:45 in the morning for he 38 nautical mile sail to Stafylos Bay back on Skopelos. The day was hot and uneventful with wind finally building enough that we could sail for a few hours. The highlight was seeing a school of dolphin headed south cross us as we headed west. They took a slight detour and came to play for a few minutes in our bow wave.









Soon after I spotted something that looked like a sailfish breaching the water. I saw it twice with others spotting once. It was confirmed by Jim (who was sailing far ahead of us) that they thought they spotted what they believed was a sailfish breaching the water as well. 7 or so hours later we arrived in a very pretty Stafylos Bay. Clear waters. Cliffs. Ample anchorage. A beach with umbrellas and a local taverna provided us places to snorkel, swim, eat, and sun ourselves.

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Skyrian Horses

We thought we had made arrangements for Clara to ride a famed Skyrian horse. The island of Skyros (Skiros) is home to a unique breed of horse. They are small horses, some of which still run wild on the island. Skyrian horses are ponies (like Shetlands) are bred and live only on this island. They are celebrated on the island in an annual festival where all the horses of the island are gathered together and judged.

We hired a taxi to take us to a horse farm in the middle of the island. He dropped us off and said he’d be back in about 2 hours to pick us up at 5pm. Unfortunately we didn’t know that the horse riding didn’t start until 6pm. So we were only able to pet the horses and photograph them. There were some day old babies that made it worth the special trip.


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