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Silver Springs Surprise

For Labor Day Weekend we took our friend Laure camping near Mt. Rainer for her birthday. We found ourselves nestled amongst old growth firs and cedars along the White River. The weather had called for rain but we hand only a sprinkle or two.

Campsite along the White River

Natural bridge and

We wanted to take a walk through the forest but weren’t sure which way to go. We decided to see if there was a geocache nearby. There was. We gathered some trinkets to leave in the cache and headed out amongst the fungi and mushrooms in search of it. It was a beautiful walk along the Silver Spring, a small natural spring and tributary that flows into the White River.

IMG_9048 IMG_9040 IMG_9036 IMG_9026 Mushrooms and fungus          We found one very scary outhouse.

Scariest outhouse I've ever seen.

We found Silver Spring and then followed it along a damp and softly trodden trail…

Silver Spring comes right out of a small hill

Silver Spring Creek

We came up over a little hill on the trail and found this surprise in the middle of the forest.

Gravesite in the woods

Gravesite in the woods

Decorated gravesite

Decorated gravesite

Story of Henry C. Allen

Story of Henry C. Allen

Decorated Tombstone

Decorated Tombstone


Trinkets and Tokens

We found the geocache which wasn’t as nearly interesting as the gravesite. But there were also many other little graves and monuments in the area. It was a a curious and moving impromptu graveyard to those cherished by their loved ones.

Horse Grave?

I love you gram...

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