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Swim Break at Tsoungria Island

After our morning walk above Skiathos we pulled anchor and left Siferi Cove for a quick swim at Tsoungria Island located at the south entrance to Skiathos Bay.

There are two beaches at here and we chose Lalaria beach, the less populated of the two. There was only one other person walking along the beach. We essentially had this little paradise to ourselves as we took our first plunge into the cool but refreshing clear azure waters of the Aegean.


Precariously perched high on the headland between Floris and Lalaria beaches is an oddly-shaped Ag Floros church. Unbelievable view and a quiet sanctuary from the midday Grecian heat.






Walking around the island we noticed an old abandoned building that had large terra-cotta pots inside it and what looked like olive presses. It was surrounded by old olive groves still producing olives as evidenced by the multitude of olive pits upon the sandy shore.

Before we headed back to the boat we noticed wild goats across the salt water lagoon and evidence of what looked like at one time a sprawling estate. What a beautiful place to have once lived.



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