After we left the Monastary of the Birth of the Virgin we headed for the deserted island of Skantzoura about 10 nautical miles and half way between the main Sporades and the island of Skyros.

It was a hot and very calm day. No wind. No sailing. The Aegean was flat and still.

We arrived at Skanzoura in Limani Bay (south side) in the early afternoon. The fishing boats we just coming in from the mid-day heat to rest in the bay for the night. Skanzoura is a low lying deserted island that once held a monastery (although we saw no evidence of one). Its frequented by fisherman as an outpost from the main ports and overnight anchorage for early morning fishing.

Clara and I swam and found an old battleship grappling anchor we had heard was rumored to be in the bay.

It was a very relaxing and lazy afternoon as we planned our crossing to Skyros.





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