GART Day 5: Calico Ghost Town, Drive to Vegas

Friday was a long trip, about 425 miles (at 11.7 MPG) from the Madonna Inn to Las Vegas to visit Tawny’s father (“Grandpa Bob” to the kids) and his wife Sharon (Sha-Sha to Clara).

It was really a day of driving so I don’t have many pictures to share. But the drive was much nicer than anticipated. We started by drive to Paso Robles from San Luis Obispo through wine country. That eventually gave way to miles and miles of almond trees and fields of roses and the occasional cluster of oil derricks near Bakersfield. Onward towards the Mojave before hitting Vegas. But we took a small side trip outside of Barstow to the Calico Ghost Town. Tawny and I had come through here some 15 years or so ago when we last drove to Vegas and enjoyed the cheesy side show road-side attraction. The kids LOVED it! We toured 1000 feet of an old mine shaft. We saw the “House of Mystery” and generally enjoyed the 1881 atmosphere and the 104 degree temperature.















We arrived in Vegas around 7:30 pm. Made dinner. Tomorrow we’ll relax. Work on the RV. Wash clothes. Maybe see a movie. Go out with a local friend and spend a few days.

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