GART Day 25: Baby Squirrels

We took a full day to unpack, clean, and store our camper. There isn’t much to blog about today because I’m sparing you details on the 11 loads of laundry, the hours of washing and vacuuming the car and trailer, the unpacking and repacking of gear, the sorting of what stays in the camper and what goes home or storage, the cleaning of gutters and yard work at the cabin….

Speaking of yard work…I was trimming back branches from the house when I realized two babies squirrels were trying to find a way back up to the drey under our upstairs deck they had earlier emerged from. Apparently I had cut back the branches they used as a bridge from the trees to their home. On advice of our local pest control and animal advocacy company I built them a small bridge from the trees back to the porch so they can return home. They assured me in a few weeks the squirrels (who are just now exploring from the drey) will move on and pest control will come back, remove the drey, and fix the hole.



We saw so many wild animals at the coast this stay. It was interesting having driven across so much of the country to see buffalo, antelope, elk and wolves, while I have an abundance of wildlife in my own backyard. On this one day I saw two baby squirrels, 27 deer, one rabbit, and a bald eagle. While the places we visited on the Great American Road Trip were beautiful, inspiring, and full of nature, it made me appreciate the beauty and nature of my own backyard. The only difference is that the rest of America seems to benefit from better weather. Returning to the Pacific Northwest brought us clouds, rain, and daytime highs in the upper 50s; temperatures and precipitation we hadn’t seen in nearly a month – as if the Pacific Northwest was welcoming us home.

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