Plate Lunch

Mmm…plate lunch. It is a quintessential Hawaiian experience. The day before we had passed a plate lunch truck and we vowed to go back to there the next day for lunch. We made good on that promise. Plate lunch is a Hawaiian tradition of generally a main dish combined with white rice and macaroni (mayonnaise) salad and sometimes green salad as well.

My best memory of plate lunch was on the North Shore of Oahu a few years ago when we passed a permanent shrimp truck and bought a plate of garlic shrimp. It was incredible. However, In Kihei we found Kina’ole Grill which proved equally as good in their airbrushed truck of deliciousness.

Kina'ole food truck

Kina’ole food truck

Kina'ole Food Truck

Kina’ole Food Truck

Right sized menu

Right sized menu

I ordered the Pulled Pork w/guava BBQ sauce and then added sriracha to the plate. It was so juicy and delicious I ate it faster than I could take a photo of it.

Tamra got the seared ahi w/wasabi cream which proved so delicious nobody got a bite.

Everybody else got the coconut shrimp (real coconut and made to order) – which I can attest to was incredible. It was a good 15 minutes of waiting for the order to be hand prepared. Yum! Outstanding!

Coconut shrimp plate lunch

Coconut shrimp plate lunch

No way am I sharing with you!

No way am I sharing with you!

If you make it to Hawaii don’t hesitate to hit up a food truck or a Mom & Pop plate lunch shop. You won’t regret it.

Kina'ole Food Truck

Kina’ole Food Truck

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