Hawaiian Thanksgiving

After a morning of snorkeling (only two turtles today, but one big octopus) we had an afternoon of Thanksgiving hula on the lawn of the condo.

IMG_4074 IMG_4076 IMG_4077 IMG_4094 IMG_4095 IMG_4104 IMG_4134 IMG_4208 IMG_4210

The kids had a good time

IMG_4126 IMG_4122 IMG_4120 IMG_4119 IMG_4117

Took some family portraits:

IMG_4064 IMG_4062 IMG_4061 IMG_4057

And enjoyed our own take on Hawaiian Thanksgiving with pulled pork, mashed yams with coconut, seared sesame crusted ahi tuna w/wasabi, Hawaiian Poke,  pineapple and passion fruit salsa, and of course a little roasted turkey, at sunset…

IMG_4219 IMG_4224 IMG_4231 IMG_4245


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