Suncrest Resort – Moses Lake, WA

Left today on a weeklong trip to Montana to visit my childhood friend Karl on his survivalist compound in northwestern Montana. Curious thing…Karl actually called me today, something that rarely happens except when popping in unannounced from some free-spirited transcontinental excursion. What was curious was he called to give us direction and announce his schedule! Karl:Schedule? It doesn’t compute. I took it as a gesture of love and pining to walk memory lane with his childhood friend. Its been awhile since we’ve seen eachother. Regardless, Tawny and I were amazed. “Your ears must have been burning Karl, we were just talking about you.” And we were. “When was the last time we visited you in Montana? We were just thinking about it.” We asked. “1996” said Karl. Its been too long and the distance of time punctuated the distance of miles we must cover to see him in the flesh.

We lit out of Seattle with our r-pod in tow. Me on a conference call trying to close a contract and Tawny hushing Clara and her friend Morgayne for an hour over the pass as we headed to Eastern Washington. We watched the thermometer climb as we descended the east side – 88, 90, 93, 97 as we approached the Gorge and took a slight detour at Wild Horse Monument as we crossed the mighty Columbia.




We were just passing The Gorge Amphitheater which was the impetus for our trip. Eight months prior we had purchased tickets to see Arcade Fire at the The Gorge and decided to take our r-pod and camp at the show. Having never been at a show at the Gorge before we decided to make a summer vacation around it, heading for to Montana with stops at Silverwood Amusement Park on the way to Montana and returning to the Gorge for Arcade Fire before returning to Seattle.

We decided to take shorter trips to get us to Montana and spend more time enjoying the subculture of the American RV Park. Our first stop? Suncrest Resort in Moses Lake, WA. We selected them because for their pool, which didn’t disappoint.



We are always the smallest trailer in the park. Today was no exception. And we don’t have a stuffed animal representing our vehicle. We clearly aren’t in the know and continue to be virginal liberal roadsters.





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