Summer Roadtrip Day 2

We awoke early in Moses Lake as the hot summer sun hit the R-Pod and started heating us like buns in an oven.

We headed towards Spokane to find a Triple D (Diners, Drive-ins, & Dives) we had read about: Picabu Bistro. It was located in a residential neighborhood of South Spokane, but in a large parking lot for a local grocery store, so parking the trailer wasn’t a problem.



I had the VERY spicy Cactus Burger with a side of their chili. Tawny had the Chicken Gyro, Morgayne the Chicken Curry, and Clara the BLAT. All was good and this was a gem of an off-beat find. Recommended if you are heading through Spokane and in need of sustanance.

We continued on to Cabelas in Post Falls Idaho to pick up a generator we had put on layaway.





None of us, save myself, had ever been in a Cabelas before. I warned Tawny and the girls. “There’ll be dead animals. Prepare yourself”. While Tawny stuck out like a bleeding heart it didn’t seem to phase the girls who asked for quarters so they could go to the shooting gallery.

Tawny and I walked around display of the dead to find a bobcat. Earlier in the day, at Moses Lake, Tawny and Morgayne swore they saw a bobcat. While Clara and I saw it too it didn’t look as big to us as it appeared to them. Upon seeing the display of a bobcat at Cabelas there was no doubt that was a bobcat in our campground earlier in the day. Tawny was vindicated and the fact that this stuffed cat proved me wrong seemed to make her forget the carnage around her.



After a guilt ridden shopping trip to Walmart to gather a few necessities we needed for the trip. And then on to Blackwell Island RV Resort on the Spokane River in Coeur D’Alene. A very nice RV park right on the river and really right on Lake Coeur D’Alane.

In 97 degrees we pitched our newly purchased pop-up canopy to shade us.


Then we headed to the beach too cool ourselves in the headwaters of the Spokane River.






After the beach we were relaxing back at our camping site when a freak storm came out of nowhere, blowing our new canopy, our lawn chairs, and floatation devices across the RV park. Rain. Hail. Thunder. Lightning. High Wind. A storm intensified for a hour or so as we heard sirens in the distance and stories of less fortunate on the news.

As the evening calmed we ate gorgonzola polenta and grilled chicken under a warm but cloudy sky.

I retired to sleep feeling satisfied in thinking of the lady bug I saved from drowning in the Spokane River earlier in the day.


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2 thoughts on “Summer Roadtrip Day 2

  1. Mac Madenwald

    Glad to see SABBATIKOS back on the web!!! Roll on R-pad(ders)!!!

  2. Darlene Madenwald

    You will now have good luck the rest of the trip since you saved the lady bug! đŸ˜‰
    Mom and her boys!

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