Uncharted Islands – Clark

From Vendovi Island we headed north through the Salish Sea leaving Sinclair Island to port and Lummi Island luming off our starboard bow. 

Pushing near 90 degrees it was one of the hotter days in the San Juan Islands that I can remember. With swirling tides around Lone Tree Island and The Sisters rocks we maneuvered ourselves between the rocks (home to many sunbathing seals and their newborn pups) to secure a mooring buoy in the small bay on the eastern side. 

Clark Island is a Washington State Park with sandy beaches on the west side and a gravel beach with stunning views of Mt. Baker on the eastern shore. But for some reason we had never been to this park before. 


Mt. Baker and seals sunbathing


Mt. Baker


The good ship Pangaea


Clark Island State Park

 We headed ashore to walk and exlpore the trails on the island. We found beautiful forests of Pacific Madrona, interesting rock formations and geology, and perflectly framed views after views of Mt. Baker melting away in the late July heat.  

Mt. Baker and the Sisters (peaks to right)


Mt. Baker


Exploring Clark Island


Mt. Baker


Pacific Madrona forest.

Clark Island has several nice camping sites and composting toilet facilities on it. It is ideal for kayaker campers (and there were plenty there) although the currents between Clark and Barnes and around the rocks can be very swift and swirling during peak ebbs and floods.  Be careful. 

Nicest composting toilet ever!


Taking “the dink” around Clark Island


Moorage on East side of Clark Island


Sunset and high tide w/Lone Tree Island in background

 We returned to Pangaea for happy hour and dinner to watch the sun set and the moon rise over Lummi Island. It was a perfect summer day in the San Juan Islands and a new discovery for us to see Clark Island. Only once in a blue moon do you get a day and a evening like this. We’ll be sure to return here, perhaps to camp, at some point in the near future.

Mt. Baker at sunset


Blue Moon rising over Lummi Island


Blue Moon rising over Lummi Island


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