Uncharted Islands – Chuckanet Island

Sunday morning we crossed to the south of Chuckanut Bay to explore Chuckanut Island. Chuckanut Island is the Nature Conservancy’s Cyrus Gates Memorial Preserve. We landed on the southern shore at low tide when a isthmus forms between Chuckanet Island and a protected bird sanctuary to the south. A perfect place to land the “dink”.

We walked the sandstone beach admiring Nature’s carvings the result of years of wind, rain, and waves which have shaped surreal designs into the cliffs. 

 As we walked around the island we found a easy way up the cliffs to a trail across the island. As we ascended the rocks we found a rather unkept trail which we used to meander around the island, from the northern beaches and tidepools to the southern cliffs. 

We explored the tide pools on the island before headed back to the boat for lunch.  

The local harbor seals of Chuckanut Bay and the looming slopes of Mt. Baker bid us farewell before we headed back to Anacortes and our workaday world. An adventuresome weekend of discovery in the San Juan Islands. 


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